EK409 - any advice on lounge given the v/early departure?

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Hi all,

On 18.08 I am on EK409 MEL - DXB with an extraordinary departure time of 5.15am... I am curious as to others experiences, as to what to get up to at 3am at MEL? I presume the QF Flounge will be closed which is a shame, but guess EK may have their own? I'm a QF Plat flying in EK J class if that helps.

Any advice is much appreciated! Even if just where to get a good coffee at 3am at MEL? :)


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EK has an own lounge, its pretty good, much better than QF Business. And they open it even at such night times.

QF First class is closed, yes. I think opens 5:15 ... ?

EK's lounge is located near Qantas First class lounge, walk a bit further and you'll see another escalator going up (to EK's lounge which is upstairs left, and opposite "The House" I think - the old Etihad lounge).

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I can't think of any circumstances that would see me catch a flight that early! Awful!


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Trying to work out what is worse, this departure time or the EK departure from BNE at 250am


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I suggest you check with Melb Airport, as I recall that whilst check in opens three hours before the flight ~3.15am, the gates to security and passport control do not open until ~4.00am (possibly 4.30am - its been a while). Nothing worse than having to hang around waiting for the gate to open, with nothing else to do.


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I have the same recollection as Meandering from some time ago. Got to the airport nice and early but had to wait outside security in a huge line until they opened up. May have changed now? Not unlike the early QF to Melbourne in Auckland.

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