Flight Apps and tools - suggestions needed please

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I thought I should tap into the hive mind of ET to get recommendations regarding what apps are the best for checking (1) passenger loads on specific flights and (2) flight arrival/cancellation etc statistics.

I stumbled onto a site a few months ago that was very helpful, but do I remember its name? Of course not!

I noted someone referencing Flightradar24 in another post... and the silver subscription is very affordable, but is this a good/best option?

I will be needing to use the info both on my laptop and my iPhone.

Thanks in advance.


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1) A subscription to ExpertFlyer is the best option for checking flight loads (and indeed seat maps, reward seat availability, etc.) that I have found. Website works relatively smoothly on smartphones - there is no specific app (for Android at least).

2) FlightRadar24 is probably the best established of the websites/apps that provide historical and real-time flight/aircraft data - I haven't found any others to be better (admittedly I haven't looked very hard).

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