Five ways to make the most of your next holiday

How to save time, money and even boost your Qantas Points balance at the same time.

By Staff Writers, August 7 2023
Five ways to make the most of your next holiday

Aloha, welcome, and selamat datang. The moment you hear these words at the airport or hotel check-in desk, ‘holiday mode’ instantly kicks into gear. Your steps lighten, muscles relax and the stresses of life melt away like ice in a tropical cocktail.

That feeling is one worth seeking as often as possible. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed, whether it’s a quick weekend recharge or an extended adventure with the family in tow.

Simple changes to how you plan and book can help you get more out of your holiday too, not only leading to a more immersive and enriching experience but stretching your dollar too. Plus, you can even get rewarded for your efforts. Here’s how.

1. Choose from a curated collection of luxury hotels and resorts

Picking the right hotel is a key ingredient of any great holiday. Some would say it’s as important as the destination itself, and they’re probably right. After all, you’re going to be spending a fair bit of time there, so why not choose a hotel that enhances your stay?

Trawling through endless review sites is one way to find a property that ticks all the boxes. But, to be honest, it can be a lot of work, especially when you need to don your detective hat to separate fact from fiction. 

There’s a much easier way, and it can save money too.

Dive into relaxation at the Hyatt Regency Phuket.. Hyatt Hotels
Dive into relaxation at the Hyatt Regency Phuket.
Hyatt Hotels

Choosing a deal from the likes of Qantas Luxury Holidays, which vets every hotel in its premium range, is a convenient way of finding a hotel that strikes that perfect balance of comfort, amenity and convenience. They’re all vetted by the team – and sharply priced too.

2. Take advantage of one-click convenience

Leading on from the above, you have better things to do with your time than find a hotel, choose your dates and then make a separate search to find flights that’ll get you there in time.

Most Qantas Luxury Holidays can also be bundled together with Qantas flights, and at discounted rates compared to buying those airfares on their own.

Once again, this means you’ll save time and money.

3. Get more for your money with added inclusions

Brunch by the pool, a hot stone massage at midday then martinis at golden hour, followed by dinner beneath an onyx sky dotted with silver stars. That’s a dream trip right there – and many of those experiences can be enjoyed at no extra cost in a package deal.

Choosing an exclusive package bolstered by a desirable mix of inclusions represents fantastic value for money. Plus, thanks to the buying power of those curated deals, you get it all at a price you likely won’t find anywhere else.

Treat yourself with bonus inclusions.. Andara Resort Phuket
Treat yourself with bonus inclusions.
Andara Resort Phuket

This five-night stay at Hyatt Regency Phuket is an ideal example. Daily breakfast, three-course meals and access to the Regency Club (hello, pre-dinner drinks and hors d'oeuvres) are all included for two people for less than $2,000, saving you $900.

Looking for a holiday closer to home? Three nights at Elysian Retreat on Hamilton Island can be yours for just $2,160 for two guests, or $3,212 with flights. On the cards are free-flow drinks and all-inclusive meals, along with a relaxing 30-minute massage per person and more.

4. Utilise the power of points

On top of nabbing a sharply-priced deal loaded with inclusions, being able to pay for a portion of your dream holiday – or even the whole trip – using Qantas Points is incredibly satisfying.

Putting that into perspective, a five-night stay at The Royal Hawaiian Resort in Waikiki can be yours from $3,399 for two people – a saving of $861. If paying with points, that’ll set you back 284,188 Qantas Points.

The pink-hued Royal Hawaiian is a quintessential Waikiki escape.. Marriott Bonvoy
The pink-hued Royal Hawaiian is a quintessential Waikiki escape.
Marriott Bonvoy

Points Plus Pay is another fine way of balancing the budget, allowing you to pay for a portion with cash and the remainder with points. A simple sliding scale lets you easily adjust the amount paid with points versus cash.

5. Rake in more points for your next holiday

Naturally, when you do pay with cash your Qantas Points balance also sees a healthy boost, earning you 3 points for every dollar spent – and that’s on top of the points you’ll also earn on any Qantas flight to get there and back.

Those valuable points can be used for unlocking future flights, upgrades or even putting those points towards your next getaway.

Your next holiday could be easier than you think.
Your next holiday could be easier than you think.

Bundling your hotel and flights into one can also save you more money overall. In addition, you’ll also receive Status Credits on any flights booked through your deal. It’s a win-win!

Ready to find your next escape in Australia or overseas? Uncover a world of luxury and book your Qantas Holiday now.

This article was created in collaboration with Qantas Luxury Holidays.