Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines partnership explained

From codeshares to converting points and reward seats, here’s all you need to know about the sky high tie-up.

By Staff Writers, August 1 2023
Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines partnership explained

One of Virgin Australia’s strengths is its international partners, and it’s certainly aligned itself with an impressive array of partners in recent times. Qatar Airways, United Airlines and Etihad Airways, just to name a few.

Singapore Airlines is another key Virgin partner, and it delivers some great benefits for Velocity frequent flyers. Among them, earning and redeeming points (hello, reward flights), plus the ability to convert from Velocity to KrisFlyer points or vice versa – and that’s just the start.

The sky high pairing also opens up a codeshare network of over 90 destinations worldwide on Singapore Airlines and some 35 locations around Australia and Asia Pacific on Virgin.

Virgin Australia's 737 MAX is the newest addition to the fleet.
Virgin Australia's 737 MAX is the newest addition to the fleet.

Velocity Frequent Flyer members who have linked their membership through KrisFlyer will accrue Velocity Status Credits and PPS Value simultaneously when flying in Suites, First Class or Business Class on Singapore Airlines.

Plus, if you convert points to KrisFlyer, you can unlock a huge range of travel options, not only on SQ but its Star Alliance family too. The largest of the global alliances, its 26 members include Lufthansa, SAS and Swiss, as well as Virgin’s own partners Air Canada and ANA.

Conversely, KrisFlyer members can also earn Elite Miles whenever they jet off on a Singapore Airlines codeshare operated by Virgin Australia.

Here are the essentials you need to know:

Earn Velocity points on Singapore Airlines

The ability to rake in Velocity points on Singapore Airlines is a solid win for Virgin Australia’s frequent flyers. The number of points earned is based on fare class and the number of miles flown. Essentially, the higher the fare the more points you earn… but there’s a twist.

The exact number of points earned varies according to fare class and flight code, as well as your status in the Velocity frequent flyer program. Here’s the earning table for hoovering up points on a VA flight number:

Adding a little context to the table above, a one-way business class ‘J’ class fare from Sydney to Singapore (a distance of 3912 miles) would earn 7,812 Velocity Points.

For comparison, this is how many points you’ll earn on flights sporting an SQ flight number:

Using the same example from Sydney to Singapore, a one-way business class ‘J’ fare would only earn you 5,868. That’s still a decent haul, but you’ll rake in more points by booking the flight as a codeshare through Virgin Australia.

The above earn rates also apply to flights operated by Virgin Australia with a SQ flight number.

Redeem Velocity points on Singapore Airlines

In addition to earning points on Singapore Airlines, Velocity members also have the ability to redeem them on economy, premium economy and business Class reward seats across the SQ network, excluding flights to/from China and Hong Kong.

First Class reward redemptions are not available, though Virgin’s website states the carrier is “working closely with Singapore Airlines to restart” them.

It’s worth noting Singapore Airlines is known to restrict partner access to reward seats, so be sure to check available on Singapore Airlines’ website too – simply select ‘Redeem Flights’.

Earn Status Credits with Singapore Airlines

Looking to bolster your Status Credits tally on a Singapore Airlines-operated flight? You’re well placed to rake them in, with VA-coded flights attracting a higher earn on select fares.

While those in business class will see no difference in Status Credits, those on Choice Fares (Virgin’s Discount Economy equivalent) are the winners here, with Velocity members enjoying a higher earning rate compared to those flying on the same airfare on a native flight.

For the full picture, Velocity members jetting off on VA-coded flights earn the following:

For comparison, jetting off domestically or internationally on a Virgin Australia-operated aircraft sporting an SQ flight number earns:

Converting points between Velocity and KrisFlyer

Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines have a unique frequent flyer partnership allowing you to convert Velocity points into KrisFlyer miles, and vice versa. Doing so not only delivers a stash of KrisFlyer miles to use on SQ but its wider Star Alliance partners too.

It should be noted though that it’s not a straight 1:1 conversion: you don’t get one KrisFlyer mile for every Velocity point.

The ‘exchange rate’ is actually 1.55:1, meaning that a Singapore Airlines ticket priced at 75,000 KrisFlyer Miles would actually cost you 116,250 Velocity points.

However, you can also book SQ flights directly with Velocity points, removing the need to transfer them altogether. If you’re planning to fly specifically on Singapore Airlines, using Velocity points sometimes proves to be a better option.

When to use Velocity points for a Singapore Airlines booking

The hit of that 1.55:1 conversion rate can tilt the scales in favour of using Velocity points to book a Singapore Airlines flight, rather than first changing them into KrisFlyer miles.

For example, if you’re jetting to Europe in Singapore Airlines business class from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide, the cost is 139,000 Velocity points per person, one-way.

To make that same reservation through KrisFlyer you’d need 130,000 KrisFlyer miles, which means converting 202,275 Velocity points - a huge disparity.

The Singapore Airlines A380 from Sydney is a fantastic way to get to the Lion City.
The Singapore Airlines A380 from Sydney is a fantastic way to get to the Lion City.

From Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to Singapore, you’d only need 65,000 Velocity Points for a one-way business class trip when booking through Velocity. KrisFlyer would require 68,500 miles, which is equal to 106,175 Velocity Points when converted over.

If you’re inflexible with dates, you may find better availability on your preferred flight by booking directly with Singapore Airlines using KrisFlyer miles, even if it does cost you more Velocity points in the conversion.

As such, you could consider using your Velocity points to book directly with Singapore Airlines where flights are available: but if not, could then convert those points into KrisFlyer miles to unlock further options with Singapore Airlines and its Star Alliance partners.

Linking your Virgin Australia Velocity and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer accounts

If you’ve decided to move some points between programs, you’ll need to link your accounts first.

  1. Ensure you have both a Velocity and a KrisFlyer account.
  2. Log in to your Velocity account, go to ‘Link & Transfer’ and then ‘Airline Points Transfer’.
  3. Add your KrisFlyer membership number and ensure your name and date of birth match on both accounts.
  4. If everything lines up, your accounts will be linked instantly.

How to convert Velocity points into KrisFlyer miles

Once your accounts are linked, it's easy to get the transfer underway.

  1. Log in to your Velocity account, go to ‘Link & Transfer’ and then ‘Airline Points Transfer’.
  2. Click the words ‘Transfer Now’ (it’s directly above the big ‘Unlink Accounts’ button).
  3. Choose how many Velocity points you’d like to convert into KrisFlyer miles (minimum 5,000 Velocity Points).
  4. Double-check the number of KrisFlyer miles you will be receiving, then click ‘Proceed’.
  5. Those miles should appear in your KrisFlyer account almost instantly.

SQ KrisFlyer vs VA Velocity: which program is best for you?

Rather than a blanket strategy of choosing one frequent flyer program over the other, a smarter play is to consider your needs on a trip-by-trip basis, making each booking with as few miles as possible.

This means checking how many Velocity points you’d need to book a journey, versus how many KrisFlyer miles would be required – and by extension, how many Velocity points you’d have to convert to unlock those same KrisFlyer miles.

Keep in mind that KrisFlyer miles have a hard expiry of three years from the date they were earned (or transferred over). This makes them a lot less flexible than Velocity Points if you don’t have firm travel plans coming up.

Velocity access to KrisFlyer lounges

Gold and Platinum Velocity frequent flyers enjoy access to select KrisFlyer lounges when travelling on a Singapore Airlines-operated flight. If you’re taking off on an international Virgin Australia-operated flight, that means you’re unfortunately out of luck.

In Singapore, Velocity Golds and Platinums travelling in Singapore Airlines premium economy or economy can use the KrisFlyer Gold lounge at Terminal 3.

Those who are seated in first or business class on Singapore Airlines can take advantage of the relevant pre-flight hangout associated with their level of travel, including the flagship SilverKris business lounge at T3 and the First Class lounge or The Private Room.

20 Jul 2023

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Velocity FFP is officially the best rewards program in Australia now! Qantas is appalling at releasing anything to its frequent flyer's!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

26 Nov 2012

Total posts 103

Never had a problem with QF (or VA) and the OW partners are even easier.   Im flying (paid) ANA which means crappy lounges even though Im VA platinum. QF Platinum gets me in lots of great lounges.  So to stay n topic, my point is they both have pluses and minuses and I like being able to choose. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

23 Mar 2015

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It seems impossible to find SA Business Reward seats in November MEL-LHR, and one has to try every single flight individually to see this. Any tips? (PS Qatar Business coming on at over 1 Million miles one-way $#$#@%$#@)

03 Oct 2021

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I'm a velocity gold member 3 times this yr I've flown Singapore Airlines and every time in Changi airport (I fly economy) everytime I've allowed into there silverkris business class lounge at Changi airport 😆, and if your flying United or air Canada out of Syd U can use the Singapore Airlines lounge just show your velocity gold card at reception done done it both for united and air Canada this yr as well just a heads up 

08 Aug 2019

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I  am looking at booking flights Syd-LHR next June/July and can't see any availability through virgin website (entire months not just specific flights.. any tips?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

16 Jan 2018

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Some airports have no idea what Velocity is. As a Gold VFF I was in Istanbul a few weeks ago and on return I wanted to take advantage of the 15kg extra baggage allowance.   The airport staff only know *A and OW - they couldn’t figure it out and I had too show them the VA page with allowances on SQ.  


11 Jul 2014

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Take TWO:

1.55 Velocity Points equals 1 KrisFlyer point, so why is it that transferring back to Velocity, we are transferring at 1.55 Krisflyer points to 1 Velocity point? Doesn't make send it should be 1 Krisflyer point.

21 Apr 2019

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Beware when fling SIA make sure the flights are VA also.

We are Platinum flew MEL/JFK via SIN Return. They do not count as the 8 flights to maintain status.

However SIA offered Lounge access except for JFK.

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