Enjoy a flight of cocktails at Hong Kong Airport’s stunning Sky Bridge

Indulge in a bit of jet set glam on your next visit to Hong Kong.

By David Flynn, June 16 2023
Enjoy a flight of cocktails at Hong Kong Airport’s stunning Sky Bridge

Airports, flights and cocktail bars – it’s a glamorous trinity of travel which harks back to the age of the jet set.

But you’ve probably never seen a cocktail bar like Intervals, which is perched at one end of Hong Kong Airport’s soaring Sky Bridge and connects the main terminal and its satellite concourse.

Opened in November 2022, the Sky Bridge has already become a must-visit attraction for its panoramic views, observation deck and glass floor – and it’s quite the sight to see even a mighty A380 superjumbo pass beneath your feet as it taxis to or from the gate.

Intervals quite literally elevates that experience with a unique approach to cocktails and tapas-style ‘pinchos’ while you enjoy a front-row view that’s just made for Instagram.

The ‘flight of cocktails’ showcases a series of miniature drinks tailored to how much time a traveller has to spare, ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

Complementing those cocktails is a variety of bite-sized pinchos including Hong Kong prawn toast with sakura shrimp; fig and goat cheese on rye with a ‘honeycomb crunch’; and a mini taco with glazed turkey meatballs.

Intervals is a fresh concept from the Plaza Premium Group, which is best known to travellers for its global network of airport lounges, but the idea fits right into the group’s mission to “make travel better.”

And unlike Plaza Premium lounges, Intervals is open to anybody who cares to enjoy a drink with a view.

Designed by Australian architect Mitchel Squires, of Hong Kong-based AVT Studios, Intervals has been carefully designed with seating for solo flyers, pairs and groups, with decorative elements which reference to traditional time-keeping devices such as pendulums, sundials and hourglasses.

Mei Mei Song, Plaza Premium Group’s Director of Global Brand and Transformation, describes Intervals as “a world-class airport bar that is a destination in itself.”

"We hope everyone can take a moment and treat themselves to their favourite tipple, over some good food with spectacular views of the airport.”

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12 Apr 2013

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It all cool, but I still cannot get who can enter and how much it is.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Oct 2011

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It's a bar - everyone can get in. It's not a lounge.

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